Last update of 2008

Time has flown by, our last gig in 2008 was September 19th, after this gig we became more focused on getting ready for the recording studio. At B-Town studio's in Burlington, Ontario we demo'ed 10 songs live off the floor in early November. At the end of November, in 3 days we re-tracked 10 songs, this time taking a bit longer to get better sounds and re-work a few arrangements. We spent almost an entire day just on "Your Light Pulses" after scrapping the initial version and trying to come up with a groove that make the song what we thought is should be, it ended up as one of our stronger songs.

In December we worked on some final touches to "Your Light Pulses", giving it a rough mix to hear where it might want to go. We decided to re-record "Mother" with a real piano as the main sound; which we're hoping to redo in early 2009. And figured that "Swim" would be a good song as the first release. Later in Jan '09 we'll be finishing up guitars and percussion on Swim, and experimenting with piano parts along with vocal tracking. So far this song is sounding as big as the open ocean. Hoping to get this track finished in Feb and up on the site. 

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