What Happened to Last Year?

 What Happened to Last Year?

We recorded 10 songs, most in Carl's home studio. And added a bunch of new gear to the home studio, we'll likely do final mixes at B Town Sound studio, and mastering at Metal Works studio's.

Life as usually continues to throw curve balls, making everything take 10 times longer than planned. We've got a ton of sounds we're filtering through to make sure the songs sound cohesive when listened back-to-back: piano, rhoads, strings, synths, drum loops, real drums, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, a real string bass with a bow, and Tablas. Some of the songs have 16 tracks, some have over 40 tracks.

We've got so much stuff going on the challenge is knowing what to keep so we don't end up sounding over produced, while pushing the edge of creation and maintaining musical integrity. We're still chipping away recording, layering, mixing, and should have a few songs ready to go by the end of 2012. Then we'll figure out next steps, videos, live gigs, more recording.

Your Light Pulses has Bobbyji on Tablas, and John's been laying down bass tracks and adding acoustic guitars on a pile of songs. First batch of songs are looking like, Mother, The Ocean, Your Light Pulses and The Truth.


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