Prepare For War (Live)

Prepare For War: It took a while to get this written, initially I had about 3 songs worth of lyrics. Brian tossed most of them in the trash and added some of his own ideas. As you may know, we've been talking like idiots about recording - we'll it's been a slow climb, and the best we could do right now is release a live recording straight off the mixing board. The Prepare For War is from a gig we did in early June in a small pub in Toronto, it's a FREE download so don't be shy.

The mix is super rough but for now this should give you a real good idea of where we're at - I did some mastering majic to even it out. The goal is to still get some better studio recordings. Hopefully the next song we release will be one of our sunnier sides, to balance out things.

In the meantime we've been messing around with some cover songs, a couple of Beatles songs here and there, The Rooster by Alice in Chains.

- Cheers, Carl

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