New Bass Player

We have a new (our 1st) bass player. We've been jamming with John for a few weeks now, so far he's brought a ton of ideas to the songs, and we're one step closer to adding a drummer. We are hoping to get a tabla drummer to take the sound in a slightly different direction once again. We've got some gigs in the works around Toronto/Hamilton (dates to be announced soon) and will be releasing more songs in 2011.

The whole 'band' is starting to come together, the songs are sounding great as we keep working them out, and the live set is sounding sharp. I sampled some cool sounds for song intro's, things like wolves, whale songs and pieces from our favorite movies.

"Mother" is next on our list to record, we've got a lot of invitations from various studio's that want to work with us just because they like our songs, which is always good to hear. And my home studio is going to get fired up again as John lays down some bass. It always sounds awkward saying how great we think we are, but after playing music all these years with tons of different bands all the guys in Big Blue X are sounding like music fans the way we talk, the excitement and passion is there! Something we see most bands lacking in favour of fame, glory and fortune. As always, time will tell, we just need to make it happen, and that's the plan!

- Carl

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