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Big Blue X is playing live @ West7 Nightclub & Lounge on Friday Feb. 26 - going on at 9pm.

The club is on the edge of Georgetown/Brampton (Ont, Canada). We're adding 2 or 3 cover songs into the mix, including a little Bob Marley. We've developed loads since releasing Escapism nine months ago, we actually sound like we know what we're doing now :-)  Gig details and a status update are below:

When: Feb 26, 2010 9:00 PM

West7 Nightclub & Lounge
530 Guelph Street
Norval, Ontario L0P 1K0

Directions: www.west7entertainment.com/West_7/Contact_Us.html

  • Songs & Studio Update: Brian 1/2 turned his garage into a sound proofed rehearsal room and bought a piano, which we use as a beer table. We're heading back into the studio in the spring to finish "One Step (Closer to the Sun)". Then we're going to work on a 4-6 song EP. We've also got another new song on the go, "The Ocean (is My Woman)" which we'll be playing live from now on. 
  • More Gigs: We're going to start doing 2 sets, with a 50/50 split of our own songs and some covers, so we can play around the pubs. 
  • You can still download the "Escapism Generation Waste" single for FREE.  If you're a Torrent junky you can find the MP3, FLAC and the 16bit WAV files on most Torrent sites. For anyone that feels compelled to pay for it you can visit iTunes or Amazon:
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