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Escapism single re-release

Big Blue X's "Escapism Generation Waste" single is now re-released to all major music web sites & apps. First released on April 16, 2009, we are bringing this song back to life. 

The lyrics are as relevant today as when…

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War Pigs (Right in Two) Single release

The "War Pigs (Right in Two)" single by Big Blue X was released on December 16, 2019. Recorded in Big Blue X's home studio, produced by Big Blue X (Brian vocals & keyboards, Carl guitars & keyboards). Made in Canada…

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What Happened to Last Year?

 What Happened to Last Year?

We recorded 10 songs, most in Carl's home studio. And added a bunch of new gear to the home studio, we'll likely do final mixes at B Town Sound studio, and mastering at Metal…Read more

Ananda Fest

We played under the fire-sky sun, ran off about 10 songs. Brian sang amazing, Bobbyji on Tablas pushed the groove to new levels, and Carl mixed it up playing guitar on a few songs adding a piano on some tunes…Read more

New Bass Player

We have a new (our 1st) bass player. We've been jamming with John for a few weeks now, so far he's brought a ton of ideas to the songs, and we're one step closer to adding a drummer. We are…Read more

Last Weekend & Update

We had an informal gig booked last Sunday afternoon, Brian caught a heavy fever so Carl played & sung a few of his own songs solo.

July Newsletter


New Big Blue X song, Prepare For War (live recording), download it for free, it you like it forward this email to all your friends. And we have a gig scheduled for August 8th (details below).

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Prepare For War (Live)

Prepare For War: It took a while to get this written, initially I had about 3 songs worth of lyrics. Brian tossed most of them in the trash and added some of his own ideas. As you may know, we've…Read more

War Song

We're working on a new song "War Song" - jammed with a drummer last week, it gave us a different perspective on our songs after playing acoustically for so long, although the main focus is still getting back into the…Read more

February - Newsletter


Big Blue X is playing live @ West7 Nightclub & Lounge on Friday Feb. 26 - going on at 9pm.

The club is on the edge of Georgetown/Brampton (Ont, Canada). We're adding 2 or 3 cover songs…Read more

Last Night in Brampton

 What a night thanks to the crowd that stuck around and made us feel at home. Thanks, until next time. 

Carl picks 10 songs...

I've added a seperate page with my top 10 lists. Songs, music videos. Below is a sample, my musical tastes vary a lot, these songs are a blast from the past. Brian's working on some of his own top 10…Read more

Another Update

We've been hashing out a lot of ideas in the studio and rehearsing for our live show, but haven't had a chance to finish up a final song for our 2nd single release... hang in there we're close as we've…Read more

Studio Update

Last night we finished off vocals and a rough mix for "Escapism Generation Waste". We're going back on Saturday to tweek the mix, and start working on a 2nd song, probally "Swim", or "One Step Closer to the Sun". Brian…Read more

We can't make up our minds

Now we've changed the plan again. After doing another round of demos in Carl's home studio we decided to release Escapism Generation Waste as the first song. And we're back in the studio in 2 days to finish it... just…Read more

I Would Swim a Million Miles

OK, we've got studio time booked for the end of March. We're aiming to finish "I Would Swim a Million Miles". In the meantime we're recording some more home demo's which we may preview on this site... depending on how…Read more